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Chao Mae Lub Lae Thong – excellent of bring wealth, Great business & fortune

Item CODE : 108
Name: Chao Mae Lub Lae Thong    
Blessing : LP Suphasit, Wat Bang Nam Chon, Bangkok
Year: B.E.2553 (C.E.2010)
Size: 2cm x 4cm
Origin: Thailand
price : $150.

Material / Ingrendients 
    This powerful amulet made from sacred masses such as magical herbs, holy powders such as “Phong Prai (ash of women)”, “Phong Arthan”, “Phong Pathamang Kamnoet” and “Phong Mai Takhain”, 108 wahn, nam man prai and 7 cementry soil from 7 province..
    LP Suphasit put silver Takrut that has supernatural power about lucky and charming Yant on the silver sheet inside amulet (below). Moreover, this wealthy amulet was soaked in “Namman Arthan” (magical oil) to increase powerful. 

Ceremony: LP Suphasit properly blessed this powerful amulet with special magic especially about wealth and lucky.

Power & effect : 
Chao Mae Lub Lae Thong is the amulet of lucky, good business, wealth and charming. Especially, you can beg this powerful amulet to help you in gamble. 

This amulet has the best supernatural power about wealth and windfall luck and also can fufill the wishes of the owner.

According to lp suphasit, if u have faith with this amulet, it will bring success, wealth and lots of money to the owner.

Katha : come with katha (mp3 + txt).

Biography of LP Suphasit:
LP Suphasit studied the magic from northern method that he is very well known in north. LP Suphasit has been going to study magic around Thailand. LP Suphasit’s amulets are popular in Thailand because disciples can feel the powerful from his amulets.

Lp supha sit from Wat Bang Nam Chon is very well known magical expert in thailand because his amulets can help and fulfill worshipper from problem and trouble. lp supha sit created his amulets in few that are out of stock suddenly. Moreover, lp supha sit studied the magic from magical Cambodian expert.
Chao Mae Lub Lae Thong  is a popular amulet made by lp suphasit using ancient khmer magic. Many thai people had used this amulet with good effetive result.

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